India’s Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has released a document detailing the status of the various projects and schemes that will contribute to its target of 100GW of solar by 2022.

Projects commissioned as of the end 29 September this year totalled 4,262MW. The leading states with more than 100MW installed were:

  • Rajasthan 1,175 (MW)
  • Gujarat 1,000
  • Madhya Pradesh 649
  • Maharashtra 379
  • Andhra Pradesh 279
  • Punjab 200
  • Tamil Nadu 158
  • Karnataka 104

The figures suggest that northern states are well ahead, however, it is likely that early starters such as Gujarat will be overtaken as more projects come online in the south. The MNRE figures come shortly after the Solar Map from consultancy firm Bridge to India revealed that the country is set for a “massive” jump in installations next year, which also forecast that southern states will lead the way in 2016 as the 8.7GW now under development across the country come online.

The new prevalence of southern states is shown by MNRE in the amount of solar capacity set to be commissioned under states policies during the 2015/16 period (3,775MW). The states likely to commission the most capacity are:

  • Tamil Nadu 1,214 (MW)
  • Telangana 1,116
  • Madhya Pradesh 432
  • Andhra Pradesh 350

Government of India policies will also account for 570MW in the same period, which, when added to state policies, comes to a total of 4,345MW of capacity to be commissioned in 2015/16.

The MNRE document also details the status of tendering and PPAs for commisioning in 2016/17 from the Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) and the National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC), which are both state-owned bodies that recently entered India’s solar energy market as commercial entities.

MNRE also tables a full history of India’s solar tenders since 2010 including the highest, lowest and weighted average bids for each auction. PV Tech has covered bidding for solar extensively over the last few months after foreign companies weighed in with extremely aggressive, low bids in Punjab, Telangana and Madhya Pradesh, mostly under the INR6 (US$0.09) per kWh mark. In an interview with PV Tech, Bridge to India founder and managing director Tobias Engelmeier said: "The projects will get built, but some owners will not get strong returns, because the margins are so low."

Earlier this week, prime minister Narendra Modi took to Twitter after reviewing national projects including solar parks with officials from central and state governments.

Modi focused on the progress of development of ultra-mega solar power parks in 17 States across the country. He urged state governments to work on policy frameworks to make implementation of the projects as efficient as possible.