India’s largest power producer, NTPC, has announced the completion of a 50MW solar power project.

The 50MW Rajgarh project in Madhya Pradesh was completed 30 April, with the full commission of its 20MW unit.

NTPC now has a portfolio of 95MW of completed solar power plants.

On 27 March, NTPC announced the commission of the Talcher Kaniha (10MW) solar power project was complete.

The Talcher Kaniha and Rajgarh plants join the Andaman Solar power plant (5MW), Dadri Solar (5MW), Ramagundam Solar (10MW) and the (5MW) Faridibad in Haryana, and (10MW) Unchahar in Uttar Pradesh solar power plants.

Another 15MW solar power plant in Singrauli, Uttar Pradesh is currently under development.

NTPC has an installed capacity of over 43GW, about 28% of India’s power generation.

Energy is generated for NTPC consumers mainly from 17 coal plants, seven gas plants, seven solar projects and seven other coal and natural gas joint ventures.

The future generation goal for NTPC is to have 128GW by 2032 – with a target for 28% to be non-fossil fuel generation.

NTPC is listed as a ‘Maharatna company’ a status awarded by the government of India to only seven multinational, Central Public Sector Enterprises. The Maharanta status is only given to profitable and influential companies in India, to gain investment benefits and extra government empowerment and support for joint ventures and subsidies.