According to figures released by Italian energy agency GSE, Italy has 448,266 PV plants currently in operation which benefit from the country’s Conto Energia V incentive programme. In total, the plants have a combined PV capacity of 15.9GW. In addition, the country has a further 2,961 PV plants registered for the feed-in tariff which will add 672MW of PV capacity.

Including the registered PV systems, the yearly cost of PV incentives in Italy has hit €6.5 billion (US$8.4 billion). As highlighted by Photon, this means that only €242 million out of the €6.7 billion budget allocated to Italy’s incentive programme remains. Once the €6.7 billion cap is reached, new PV installations will cease to benefit from any subsidies offered by the Italian government. 

The Conto Energia V came into force at the end of August. As a result of the new feed-in tariff, all planned power plants over 12 kW have to be registered centrally in order to receive the FiTs once the installation is completed. However, plants that generate less than 12 kW as well as PV installations that are integrated into buildings or that are built on the roofs of public buildings are exempt from registration.