DEGERenergie has said that it is offering energy customers the chance to be grid-independent with its new battery management storage solution. The system combines solar modules, DEGERenergie’s MLD (maximum light detection) tracking technology, and a battery storage management system that is capable of generating around 6,000kWh per annum.

“Thanks to our MLD tracking system, which always guarantees optimum energy yield from the current light conditions, we can generate about 45 per cent more energy than fixed solar modules, regardless of the location. Therefore, DEGERenergie‘s solution requires less surface space for modules” asserts Artur Deger, DEGERenergie’s CEO.

The system, the prototype for which has been in operation for around nine months without any glitches, will be available for shipping in September. Pre-orders are currently being accepted. The company will be displaying its market-ready solution at Intersolar Europe 2012 – Hall C2, Booth 130.