JA Solar Holdings and Intertek advised that they had signed a strategic cooperation MOU aiming to build cooperation in the fields of quality, safety and ecology. Additionally, JA Solar announced that it would be taking part in Intertek’s “Satellite Program,” a data acceptance program that integrates speed, flexibility, cost effectiveness and certification marks, while issuing test reports to customers based on accepting internal laboratory test data qualified customers. JA Solar noted that by taking part in the program it looks to improve its product operating cycle and strengthen its product quality.

Dr. Peng Fang, CEO of JA Solar, commented, "JA Solar always insists on high quality and technological innovation and is always seeking to make new breakthroughs. We believe the cooperation with Intertek, an international third-party certification provider, will provide us with deep industry insight and an exceptional ability to further enhance our product quality and technical innovation. It will also aid our continued expansion into the international market."