Solar inverter manufacturer KACO new energy and Fah Chai Engineering have agreed to a partnership that will see both companies establish Thailand as a base for their PV business ventures. Due to their new agreement, Fah Chai Engineering is set to become the official representative for KACO’s new products and services in the APAC region.

A signing ceremony was held on 15 May 2015, in which KACO head of business development, Dorko Eliaszewskyj, named Fah Chai Engineering as the primary vendor for KACO’s new devices.

Phiphat Phakhananyoothin, country manager at KACO new energy Thailand, will collaborate with KACO new energy Asia in order to help sell to consumers in both Thailand and across Asia.

Eliaszewskyj said: "One of the main reasons we chose Thailand to establish this partnership is its suitable geography and the increasing demands for solar energy in the Asian regions. KACO new energy looks forward to making the country a central hub for distributing its technology to the ASEAN Economic Community and the Southeast Asia Regions.”

KACO will start by focusing in on sectors with self-consumption customers, such as condominiums, factories and warehouses. The company will also target areas with little to no electricity, such as forests and country borders.

KACO new energy and Fah Chai Engineering are expecting sales of up to 1,300MW in 2015-16.