Having achieved the endorsement of providing the largest rooftop installation in the UK this summer, Lightsource Renewable Energy has now branched out to Africa. They have teamed up with SolarAid to provide solar power to communities in Malawi.

The launch event raised over £17,000, which will go towards generating energy for 15 clinics, 15 schools and 10 community centres as well as 10 solar fridges, with the local communities also raising funds themselves to show their commitment.

Lightsource aims to make the link to Malawi a sector-wide initiative and has already secured some support from its industry partners including Martineau, Oskomera, Groupotec, Abbey Group and OST. 

Chief executive Nick Boyle said, “We are proud of what we have achieved as developers in the UK and have the opportunity through our emergence as a leading company in the solar sector to enable the truly life-enhancing work of SolarAid in Malawi, one of Africa’s poorest nations.”

Only 7% of people in Malawi have access to electricity and the country ranks 153 out of 169 countries on the UN’s Human Development index.

Welcoming Lightsource’s partnership, SolarAid’s Director of Fundraising, Richard Turner said, “We believe in business based solutions to tackling poverty and working with local people and communities to ensure that solar installations are sustainable and maintained. The provision of solar power is going to bring widespread improvements for these communities that has a huge impact on people’s lives such as dramatically improving academic performance of schools and enabling rural clinics to potentially lifesaving treatment at night.”