Three of the major Japanese PV manufacturers, Sharp, Kyocera and Panasonic, have all reported solar sales declines for the first half fiscal year. 

Leading supplier Sharp reported that its Energy Solutions division, which incorporates its solar operations had first-half-fiscal-year sales of ¥78.7 billion (US$653.1 million), down 44.9% from the prior-year period and down 1.2% from previous guidance. 

Energy Solutions reported an operating loss of ¥2.6 billion (US$21.5 million), compared to a small operating profit of around US$24.8 million in the prior year period. 

Sharp guided fiscal full-year revenue for Energy Solutions of ¥180 billion (US$1.48 billion), down 33.5% from the previous year. 

Less impacted from the sales decline was Kyocera, which reported revenue for its Applied Ceramic Products Group that is home to its solar operations of ¥113 million (US$94 million), down 8.9% from the prior year period. 

Kyocera attributed much of the revenue decline due to lower sales in its solar energy business. Operating income was said to have increased significantly (US$66.4 million) compared with the previous first half due to efforts to reduce costs.

Panasonic reported its Eco Solutions division that includes its solar operations had sales of ¥772.3 billion (US$6.3 billion), down 2.2% from the prior year period. Operating incomes was around US$251 million, down 27% from the prior year period. 

The company noted that the sales decline was partially due to a weaker domestic solar market.