Analyst firm Mercom Capital has revised its quarterly forecast for solar demand in 2014 to 46GW.

The company updates its prediction for the year as conditions alter on the ground. The latest figures reflect a 2GW increase in its predictions for China.

Following the country’s announcement of a 14GW quota for PV installations that will be eligible for support from the government, Mercom has raised its forecast to 13GW.

It expects growth in the US to around 6.4GW but a slight fall is anticipated in Japan.

The Mercom report identifies the cut in the feed-in tariff (FiT), an increase in sales tax and possible efforts to cancel projects that have been approved for the FiT but remain unbuilt.

Deutsche Bank has estimated demand in 2014 of 46GW, ROTH Capital has given a figure of 47GW while market research firm NPD Solarbuzz is forecasting 49GW.

The industry is aggregating around a figure of 37GW of installed solar capacity in 2013.