A new 44MWp module assembly plant in the De Vernejoul industrial park in Porcelette, Eastern France will assemble SunPower’s Maxeon solar cells into modules to meet demand in France, Italy, Germany and Belgium. Total and SunPower said that its 3,300-square-metre plant is equipped to produce approximately 150,000 high efficiency (20% conversion efficiency) modules per year. This is the first such plant SunPower will operate in Europe, having the majority of its production in the Asia-Pacific region.

"We believe our new De Vernejoul manufacturing facility, located at the heart of major European solar markets, allows us to supply the world's highest efficiency solar panels to our customers," said Marty Neese, SunPower chief operating officer. "This physical proximity to our French, Italian, German and Belgian customers will enhance our flexibility and shorten our delivery lead times, ramping up our ability to compete in today's highly competitive market."

The new facility will employ approximately 80 people. Tenesol, which was merged with SunPower, also has a module assembly plant in Toulouse, France.