Scottsdale-based Monarch Power, a global renewable energy research and development firm has submitted its offer to purchase Suntech’s solar manufacturing plant in Arizona.

Struggilng Suntech is on the verge of closing the Goodyear solar facility, leaving 43 workers facing redundancy.

In a meeting with Goodyear Mayor Georgia Lord, Joseph Hui, CEO of Monarch Power said the facility would be well suited to the manufacture of two of Monarch's PV module models.

Monarch's mobile 'flower' design of module has been enjoying "brisk" sales since its launch three weeks ago, the company said.

Hui said: “The rush of early buyers for Lotus Mobile 1.1 KW and Lotus Mobile Max 2.4 KW solar units for home and business has reaffirmed our belief that ‘solar’ and ‘mobile’ go well together. If our offer to purchase the plant is accepted and buyers keep ordering Lotus Mobile, we hope to shift manufacturing to Goodyear and save these jobs. My vision is to make people happy – and this gives everyone the opportunity to help out and save American jobs. ”