The price gap between monocrystalline silicon modules and multicrystalline is closing as rooftop markets continue to expand, according to market research firm, EnergyTrend.

Other than EnergyTrend's view that monocrystalline modules have an aesthetic advantage due to colour consistency, the third party leasing market, notably in the US dictates the need for higher efficiency modules, which supports the need for monocrystalline modules.

“Current Chinese mono-si cell’s conversion efficiency is around 18.4%, while Taiwanese multi-si cell’s [are] between 17.4%-17.6%. Usually, cells with conversion efficiency above 17.6% are expensive high-efficiency products with lower production output,” said Arthur Hsu, research manager of EnergyTrend. “Chinese mono-si cell’s price quotes [are] US$0.41-0.43/watt. Meanwhile, quotation of Taiwanese high-efficiency multi-si cell is almost the same as Chinese manufacturers, with conversion efficiency absolute value gap being about 1%. From users’ perspectives, clients are more willing to use mono-si cell because mono-si has higher power output under the same price conditions.”

EnergyTrend also noted that price increases, notably on the spot markets were limited, due to supply/demand aspects in the current second quarter of the year but said that fluctuations as a result would occur.