An unidentified Swiss investor, involved in the downstream PV power plant business has acquired the German manufacturing operations of US-based CIGS thin-film producer Nanosolar. Financial details were not disclosed.
Rather than restart CIGS production the new investor plans to ramp the facility producing conventional crystalline-silicon modules. 
The Swiss investor will use one type of c-Si module for utility-scale projects in Europe and offer a high-performance module for European residential markets. 
“We are very excited about this new strategy for Nanosolar GmbH,” said Mirco Boldt, managing director of Nanosolar GmbH. “With our highly automated module manufacturing line and our proven experience of high quality module production we can offer our customers premium products tailored to the new era of grid parity installations.”
Nanosolar GmbH was said to continue supporting its thin-film base of existing customers with exchange modules, technical support, and service, according to the company.
The plan is also increase the workforce significantly over the coming months. 
In the US, Nanosolar’s CIGS production equipment is being offered for auction but reports note that attempts to sell the business were still ongoing