Downstream PV firm Nautilus Solar and the asset management division of Enphase have launched a new combined asset management service for distributed generation (DG) customers in the US.

Solar microinverter and energy management specialist Enphase’s Next Phase Solar division already manages 1GW of DG assets. Through its main business, the company primarily serves the residential market and has been preparing an AC energy storage battery for launch for some time.

In a statement yesterday on the deal, Enphase said it would provide physical asset management services, while Nautilus will be responsible for the operational and financial aspects of managing customer-owned assets.

The statement from Nautilus and Enphase was relatively short on details as to the scope of the partnership, save to say that it would leverage the respective strengths of each including Nautilus’ background in complete solar asset management since 2007 and an integrated solar asset management division since last year and Enphase’s efforts to reduce costs and prepare “for the broader-based maintenance and productivity service requirements of future energy management systems”.

For some time, Enphase executives including CEO Paul Nahi and VP and co-founder Ragu Belur have been evangelical on the promise offered by software-defined solar microinverters and energy management systems to enhance visibility into grids and the stability of networks.

Nautilus Solar Energy CEO Jim Rice said solar stakeholders would have a “significant opportunity to increase their return on investment (ROI)” through the pair’s available services.

“This partnership will provide a one-stop shop of interdependent asset management services for an underserved market,” Rice said.

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