Concerns over the revisions to the Italian PV feed-in tariff being aggressively adjusted downwards and even the imposition of a installation cap are looking less likely, according to a research note from Barclays Captial analyst, Vishal Shah. Political posturing in recent days, indicates that Italian Government ministers are not supporting any FiT system that would include a cap.

It was suggested that an 8GW cap could be introduced after the massive increase in installations and requests for connection had been received by the GSE body. Trade groups had suggested a cap being introduced, targeted at 12GW.

However, according to Shah;

The Minister of Environment made a statement yesterday on the need for a gradual decrease of the incentive burden as opposed to a complete freeze of incentives. Even today, at Enel's carbon sequestration opening ceremony, the Environment Minister made a statement to the press that as far as she was concerned, there will be NO cap of 8GW, and that the language of the draft decree was still under discussion/negotiation.

A final draft of the expected FiT changes was said to be written tonight and will go to the council of ministers for discussion tomorrow.