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Ontario Power Authority (OPA) has chosen 99MW of solar projects to receive contracts under a 100MW extension to its mid-size feed-in tariff (FiT) programme.

A total of 330 feed-in tariff contracts totalling 99MW will be offered to solar power systems in the province next year, with another 1MW offered to two bio energy contracts also, to take the extension to 100MW.

Out of the 330 solar power FiT contracts, 76 (33MW) are non-rooftop, and 254 (66MW) are rooftop projects.

The contracts will result in enough electricity to power 13,000 homes, OPA said.

The FiT is for renewable energy projects over 10kW and up to 500kW in size.

Among the solar projects receiving the FiT, 121 (31MW) will involve First Nation and Métis community participation. Another 60 of the projects (18MW) have community participation and 151 projects (50MW), have municipal or public sector participation. 

The 100MW contracts are part of an extension to Ontario’s FiT programme ordered by the Ministry of Energy back in August. The extended ‘FiT 3’ procurement round also asked for a focus on stakeholder and community engagement for the 2015 FiT and micro-FiT scheme for projects under 10kW in size.

The 332 FiT contracts will be issued by the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO), as the result of a merger between OPA and IESO in the New Year.

Colin Andersen, CEO of OPA said: "The FiT programme continues to generate strong interest among power generators as well as communities across the province. The FIT contracts we are about to offer represent significant investment in Ontario and in our electricity system. They show that the transformation of our electricity system to be cleaner and more sustainable is well on its way.”