Ontario has elected Liberal candidate Kathleen Wynne as its new premier, rejecting the Conservative’s Tim Hudak, who had pledged to scrap the province’s feed-in tariff (FiT).

Hudak had been widely expected to win the contest and had pledged to remove the FiT claiming it would save C$20 billion a year in energy costs.

Wynne’s surprise majority victory is an endorsement for the province’s successful FiT regime and is set to reach 2GW of installed capacity by 2015.

A CBC poll in the run-up to the election found solar to be the most popular source of electricity among Ontarians. A total of 63% said it should be a major part of the energy mix compared to 48% for wind and 32% for natural gas.

The Ontario Power Authority’s FiT programme is managing more 4.6GW of completed and planned projects. The most recent application window was dominated by solar with 95% of the proposals for PV systems