Deger, a manufacturer of solar tracking systems, has supplied 30 DEGERtracker 9000 NT tracking systems for installation at two 150kWp solar parks in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Contractor GP Toming installed 15 DEGERtracker 9000 NT tracking systems at each of the two plants which are located in Drinovci and Stolac. According to Deger, its tracking systems incorporate a patented Maximum Light Detection (MLD) technology which enables the systems to achieve on average a 45% higher yield in comparison to rigidly mounted systems.

The company also installed 504 PV modules at each site. Each module has a PV capacity of 295 watts. 

Project manager Ivan Tomas said: “These two projects are currently the largest photovoltaic systems in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The systems from Deger are very simple to handle and work perfectly. We encountered no difficulties during installation and commissioning, the installation was completed within the shortest possible time.”

GP Toming has plans for an additional 17 solar parks, each with a 150kWp capacity. Tomas added: “We want to install as many parks as possible in the shortest possible time and are determined to equip all these parks with tracking systems from Deger.”