As part of its plans to boost production at its main integrated module manufacturing plant in Singapore, REC has placed an order with centrotherm photovoltaics for its high-throughput diffusion furnaces.

centrotherm photovoltaics offers several different diffusion furnaces that are used for  traditional P-N Junction formation by diffusing phosphorus onto a Boron doped silicon wafer in a batch diffusion furnace using Phosphorus Oxychloride (POCl3).

Its high-throughput horizontal furnace uses five stacked quartz tube reactor chambers for a claimed 15 – 25 % throughput improvement compared to standard systems.

According to the equipment supplier, REC had undertaken a full evaluation by integrating one of the systems in one of the lines at its fab in Singapore, before placing the upgrade order said to be valued in a high single-digit million Euro range.

REC Solar is aiming to produce 850MW of solar modules in 2013 to meet expected increase demand, notably in Japan and Asia. The company had a capacity of 746MW in 2012.

Shipment details were not disclosed.