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Facing pressure due in large part to a pipeline of proposed PV installations and increasing electricity demand, the Philippine Department of Energy (DOE) is organising plans to raise its feed-in tariff (FiT) cap to 10 times more than the current rate.

Mario C. Marasigan, the DoE’s director for renewable energy, told local media: “We are working on it. Very soon, NREB (National Renewable Energy Board) will endorse the new installation target for solar.”

When asked if the new cap will be set at 500MW – ten times the current 50MW – Marasigan stated that the DOE and NREB were “working on that figure”.

In order for the cap to be increased, approval will be needed from the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC).

The Philippines has already brought its first connected utility project online, as a solar plant, nicknamed “SaCaSol”, began operations late last week. The first phase of the plant, totaling 13MW, is now connected to the grid. An additional 9MW will come online over the next few months, generating a total output of 22MW once completed.

SaCaSol qualified for the FiT, leaving less than 30MW remaining for a list of more than 1GW of proposed solar projects had the cap not been increased.