Lightsource Renewable Energy and Octopus Investments are claiming that the newly installed 1.65MW rooftop project at the Promens warehouse in Beccles, Suffolk is the largest of its kind in the UK. Developed by Lightsource and constructed by Grupotec, the solar installation was financed by hundreds of investors throughout the UK.

REC supplied 7,000, 235Wp multicrystalline solar panels for the project with Danfoss 15kW inverters additionally utilized. The modules, coming in at 65.5in x 39in x 1.49in, are said to hold 14.2% efficiency and will support the Promens warehouse enough to where the companies are maintaining that 100% of the power-generated will be used on site. 

Nicholas Boyle, CEO of Lightsource, said, “This roof-top solar plant highlights the important role solar generation has to play in our future energy mix, particularly when the energy it produces is used at source removing the need for wasteful distribution networks. Getting this site online before the August deadline was a considerable achievement and it is a real credit to Grupotec, for their speed and coordination during design and construction, and to Promens as a company for their commitment to the project and a willingness to do what was needed to get it completed.”

The UK Government recently announced that subsidies would be reduced for any solar installation over 50kW that is commissioned after August 1. Consequently, the companies worked diligently to ensure that the solar project was completed in time for the August deadline and is therefore eligible for current feed-in tariffs for solar systems larger than 50kW.