Total installed cumulative PV capacity in the Czech Republic reached 1,999MW at the end of September 2012, according to the latest statistics published by the Czech Energy Regulatory Office (ERU).

The Czech PV market has experienced strong growth in previous years. However, the market stalled as a result of several legislative amendments in the second half of 2010. These included a lower feed-in tariff (FiT) as well as the phasing out of ground-mounted PV systems from 1 March 2011 onwards.

At present, the ERU offers a feed-in tariff of CZK5.08 (US$0.26) per kWh for PV systems up to 30kW. However, Photon reveals that the ERU intends to cut this to CZK1.90 per kWh for PV systems between 5kW and 30kW while systems up to 5kW are expected to receive their own rate at CZK2.46 per kWh. FiT incentives for systems over 30kW were terminated in 2011.