Investment bank, China International Capital Corporation (CICC), is forecasting PV installations in China exceeding 15GW in 2015.

CICC analysts said in a briefing note today that with distributed generation policies becoming more favourable, including support from China’s CMB and ICBC banks, a higher quota was likely this year than looks likely to have been achieved last year.

In its research note, CICC estimated that solar installations in China in 2014 had reached more than 12GW, in line with other industry estimates.

In a timely blog post for PV Tech today, Beijing-based solar industry consultant, Frank Haugwitz, said that DG solar had faced a number of issues that had impacted on the 8GW of DG installations planned in 2014.

He predicted, however, that a late surge in utility-scale installations at the end of last year could push China up to 12GW for the year, echoing the CICC estimate.

Separate electricity market figures published today from China’s National Energy Administration (NEA) suggest solar energy grid connections reached a cumulative 26.52GW at the end of 2014, a 67% increase year on year. 

The figures mean the NEA is implying that grid solar installations in 2014 reached 10.6GW. 

However, NEA is not the lead data gatherer for the PV industry and focuses on utility level electricity issues, not DG, explaining the discrepancy with other estimates.