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Renault has installed 40 hectares of solar panels at six of its French production sites for a total power output of 59MW.

The company noted that this is the world’s largest solar installation for the auto industry. The projects are located at Renault’s Douai (10.4MWh/yr), Maubeuge (10.3MWh/yr), Flins (9.3MWh/yr), Batilly (9.1MWh/yr), Sandouville (9.2MWh/yr) and Cléon (4.3MWh/yr) sites, covering its delivery and shipping centres and employee parking areas. Collectively, the systems are anticipated to generate 52,600MWh of electricity per year.

Renault said it developed the projects and was assisted in operational project management by Gestamp Solar and, for its Cléon site, Coruscant. The company highlighted that other solar projects are in development, including at its Busan site in South Korea, which plans to finalise 300,000 square meters  of installed solar panels in December.