The four plant sites. Source:  Hevel Group

The four plant sites. Source: Hevel Group

Russia’s largest integrated solar company Hevel Group has connected 35MW of new solar to the grid.

The capacity is spread across four plants; Grachevsky and Pleshanovskoy SES in the Orenburg region and two plants known as Buribaevskoy Bugulchanskoy SES in the Republic of Bashkortostan.

The new capacity means that Hevel now has a cumulative capacity of 75MW of operational solar and 364MW of renewable energy at large.

The new solar plants are a step closer to Russia’s goal of 1.5GW of solar capacity by 2020. 

In other Hevel news, last month the company claimed its first fabricated heterojunction (HJ) solar cell achieved a conversion efficiency of 21.75%

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