Confirmation that high performance modules are not the reserve of large tier 1 suppliers, mid-sized Chinese producer, Seraphim Solar System recently noted its fourth ranked position in in PHOTON’s 2012 module yield test.

Only beaten by recognized performance leader, SunPower, Seraphim was the first ranked conventionally built polycrystalline modules with its 6PB series module first provided for the field testing in late 2011, produced a high performance ratio of 93.6%.

Polaris Li, the General Manger of Seraphim Solar System said, “In Seraphim, we attach to every detail in each production step, we believe such extraordinary achievements is resulting from extreme quality standards and daily implementation. We prefer to collaborate with the most authorized 3rd party engineering company like Photon to verify our product quality and performance. The Photon outdoor field test is real performance indicator because of the well developed testing mythology and the test is based on different seasons and under different light conditions. In addition, together with the world 1st On-site Power Validation Certificate, which we received from TUV SUD early this year, Seraphim is continuously investing in quality, our efforts will be recognized by the global clients soon.”