The Indonesian government in Jakarta announced plans of building a large-scale solar power plant boasting a maximum of 100MW. In order to achieve success, the Directorate General of Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation (Ditjen EBTKE) will cooperate with Japanese electronics company Sharp. Kadaya Warnika, General Director of the EBTKE revealed that the next step in the process will be a feasibility study, conducted by Sharp on location in Bali to determine the intensity of solar irradiation on the island.

“The reason [for] choosing Bali is because the target of the project is [to determine] how tourism… could [be supplied with] electricity from renewable energy,” says Kardaya.

Until the results from the feasibility study are published, Sharp will also develop a smaller solar plant producing between 1MW and 2MW.

In a further step, the Indonesian government wants to encourage Sharp to install supporting manufacturers in Indonesia so that components for the projects in Indonesia can be obtained locally.