Silevo announced that its Triex solar technology has reached greater than 21% conversion efficiency at the company’s high volume manufacturing facility. Triex is a hybrid solar module that combines crystalline silicon N-type substrates, thin-film passivation layers and a unique tunnelling oxide layer in a single module.

Both the Triex R- and U-Series have been fully certified by the International Electrotechnical Commission and Underwriters Laboratories. Silevo is shipping commercially to its first customers and holds a 250MW pipeline of agreements in Europe, the US and China.

“We are pleased to commence commercial production of Silevo modules with greater than 21% conversion efficiency,” said Zheng Xu, founder and CEO of Silevo. “With a huge reduction in panel prices over the past two years, it’s now time to focus on a technology that can bring significant BOS savings, as well as an increased energy yield. Silevo’s Triex technology is the first offering that couples high efficiency, high yield and scalable, cost-effective production, which will result in the next wave of profitable cost reduction for all players along the PV value chain.”