PV equipment specialist, Singulus Technologies, has supplied a turnkey PV production line to a newly formed subsidiary of optical disc manufacturer, BOD Group, located in Lithuania.

According to BOD Group information, a subsidiary called ViaSolis has launched a new module brand called SoliTek with an initial production capacity of more than 75MW and located in Lithuania. The SoliTek name is also being referenced as the designated manufacturer.

According to Singulus Technologies, the SoliTek factory is notable for being the first production facility for solar cells and PV modules to be built in Europe since 2008.

The multicrystalline-based facility was also said to have received upgraded equipment from Singulus to produce PERC solar cells, which would normally mean the addition of polishing, rear-side coating and laser ablation steps.

The module line is claimed by Singulus to be 100% PID-free due to the use of its proprietary coating technology and is the first production facility worldwide to use a specific ‘PIB’ rim module sealing technology for glass/glass modules. According to BOD Group, two 2mm thick glass sheets are used.

Singulus Technologies has been an optical disc equipment supplier to BOD Group. Financial details were not disclosed.