Japanese mobile phone company Softbank has announced that it has launched a new PV programme which seeks to install PV arrays atop 1,000 residential rooftops in Japan.

The PV systems will utilise PV modules from Sharp and Suntech to help generate electricity which will then be sold to a utility firm.

Homeowners will enter into a 20-year contract with Softbank whereby the homeowners will receive 15% of the revenues from the PV system. After the 20 year period, the homeowners will own 100% of the system.

Interested households will be able submit their applications from 21 December 2012 through to 31 March 2013. The systems will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.

Since the launch of the Japanese feed-in tariff in July, the country has seen a surge in interest in its PV industry with several companies operating in non-solar sectors now entering the solar market to take advantage of the incentives on offer.