Germany-based solarhybrid is predicting a gloomy outlook due to the amendments to the EEG bill for proposed cuts to the country’s feed-in tariff. The company has announced that these cuts will jeopardize the completion of its projects in Neuhardenberg, Fürstenwalde and Allstadt.

solarhybrid claims it would lose €4 million of investment for the above projects.

On the release of its financial figures this year, solarhybrid boasted a successful 2011 having completed a total of 11 solar power plants in three countries with a total capacity of 218MWp. The capacity installed was 4.5 times greater than the capacity installed in 2010.

Following a demonstration of over 15,000 people in Berlin on Monday, politicians that were present hinted at changing the date when the Bill would be put into implemented. The first reading of the Bill will take place on March 9.