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Angry Spanish solar groups are threatening to take their government to court over retroactive cuts to PV incentives.

Members of Appa, Anpier, Unef and Protermosolar warn that, if left unchallenged,  the cuts could bankrupt many of the country’s PV plant owners..

Earlier this month PV-Tech reported how Spain had announced a cut of 0.028% to its solar PV feed-in tariff.

The associations claim that the new law passed on February 2 reduces FITs for renewable energy generation systems according to the annual Consumer Price Index as well as inflation.

Previously, FITs were reduced according to the Consumer Price Index alone. In a statement issued yesterday the associations warned that the new measure discriminates against renewable energy producers and provides unfair support to traditional energy sources.

The associations also claim that the new FIT cuts will bankrupt many PV plant owners, who have already suffered severe losses due to previous retroactive cuts and reforms.

Spanish industry minister Miguel Angel Soria has previously said that this latest measure will enable the government to save between €330 and €340 million ($447 and $461 million).

The money will be used to reduce Spain’s tariff deficit, which stands at about $30 billion. The tariff deficit represents the difference between the government-fixed price for electricity and the cost of generating it.