Utility racking supplier, Applied Energy Technologies (AET) has launched its ‘Rayport-B Eco’ roof ballast at this year’s Solar Power International (SPI) held at the Las Vegas Convention Center this week.

The ballast is part of AET’s expansion of its Eco product line, and will be showcased at AET’s SPI booth (2327).

According to AET, the Rayport-B Eco has been wind tunnel tested to 120mph and is UL 2703 listed with a 15-year warranty.

John Harberts, vice president of product development at AET, said the Eco line “has been an opportunity for AET to focus on achieving cost savings for developers and EPCs while maintaining the quality and function of each of our products.

"Our engineers have worked hard to design each product to be functional, lightweight, durable, strong, easy to install and a cost-effective solution.”

The Rayport-B Eco “is constructed from galvanized steel and has an option to ship in three separate parts, significantly increasing pack density and reducing shipping costs",  said Harberts.

A “direct descendant” from AET’s current Rayport-B system, “customers will not see a difference in performance of the system when it is time to build on the roof”, added Harberts.

AET also said the ballast is designed to fit all major solar modules, available in a variety of configurations with units available immediately for shipment.