PV integrator Standard Solar is to install what is claimed to be one of the first commercial solar micro-grids in the United States.

The project, which will be developed in partnership with Solar Grid Storage, will feature a grid-interactive energy storage system linked to a 402kW PV array at the Maryland headquarters of digital data firm Konterra.

The combined PV and lithium ion storage system will allow critical functions at Konterra to continue operating in the event of a grid power outage.

The project will be partly funded through a grant from the Maryland Energy Administration's (MEA) ‘Game Changer’ programme, set up to support innovative clean technology initiatives in the state.

Standard Solar chief executive Tony Clifford said: “Widespread implementation of grid-connected energy storage systems is key to solar PV becoming a mainstream energy supplier.

“As one of the nation’s first commercial micro-grids, this project can truly be a game changer for PV. Not only does it provide backup power to Konterra, it also supports grid integrity and allows for participation in ancillary markets for electricity.”

MEA’s director Abigail Ross said the technology trialled in the project would have broader applications across public services and businesses.

“Advancing our energy storage infrastructure builds greater confidence in Maryland's grid resiliency. Grid storage technology also improves the delivery service of our first responders, armed services, telecommunications, waste water treatment plants, and emergency shelters,” she said.