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US-based CIGS thin-film developer, Stion has claimed a prototype CIGS cell has achieved a 23.2% conversion efficiency using scalable commercial processes. The company did not disclose if the module results had been independently verified.

Stion said that its tandem CIGS technology development efforts were targeting the commercialisation of thin-film modules with >20% efficiency.

The company said it expected to scale the CIGS technology from a prototype module (20 cm x 20 cm) to a monolithic modules (65 cm x 165 cm) in the 20-22% efficiency range at its pilot production line in San Jose, California.

“Achieving 23.2% cell efficiency and 20% mini-module efficiency on this state-of-the-art technology clearly demonstrates Stion’s commitment to technology differentiation and its deep IP portfolio,” said Howard Lee, Stion’s chief technology officer, founder and senior vice president of technology. “Showing initial results of 20%+ is a strong validation of scalability.”

Lee also noted that the company expected further technology improvements with ongoing pilot line production experience.