PV cell and module manufacturer Suniva has commenced construction on its second US solar manufacturing plant.

The 200MW plant, located in Saginaw Township, Michigan, is expected to create a total of 350 jobs during its construction and operation.

The plant will be designed and engineered by William A. Kibbe & Associates, Inc. Suniva has appointed multiple Michigan-based contractors to complete the project, which will be located in the former Sears Warehouse building on Schust Road.

Marc Rogovin, vice president of corporate services at Suniva, said: “The U.S. is now one of the top three markets for the global solar industry. Given that, expanding our U.S. manufacturing operation makes a lot of sense and we believe Michigan is the ideal location. With the region’s rich manufacturing history, we have a highly-skilled workforce to draw from and many key supply chain partners in the area. Michigan is a central location with the logistics infrastructure that makes it very easy for us to move our products.”