Source: Sunnova

Source: Sunnova

US solar and battery storage service giant Sunnova is partnering with roofing and solar contractor PetersenDean Roofing & Solar to help Californians prepare for the state’s new residential solar law.

Sunnova and PetersonDean’s partnership will focus specifically on homebuilders in the sunshine state, where all homes constructed after January 2020 must have solar arrays. Exceptions apply for homes taller than three stories, homes with roofs too small to benefit from the technology, and homes with roofs predominantly in the shade.

“This innovative partnership will enable homebuilders to affordably and easily meet the new California solar requirements with an integrated solution,” said John Berger, Sunnova CEO.

California has more residential solar and storage installed than any other state. In 2018, the state interconnected 99.9MWh of storage – more than the rest of the US combined – according to a report by trade body the Smart Electric Power Alliance.

PetersonDean is based in northern California but operates in Arizona, California, Florida, Hawaii, Nevada, Oklahoma and Texas.

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