Suntech Power has released a new PV module for the Israeli solar market. The 300W Vd series module is available immediately and is being targeted at the rapidly-maturing Middle Eastern rooftop solar industry.

Suntech developed the 72-cell modules using its hybrid wafer manufacturing process, which combines the high efficiency of a monocrystalline wafer with the cost-effectiveness and reliability of its polycrystalline equivalent; the final product boasts a cell efficiency of 15.5%, a figure considerably higher than the industry average of 13-14%.

"The new module delivers 10% more power than conventional polycrystalline products leading to lower balance-of-system and installation costs per watt," said James Hu, Suntech's president for Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa. "Israel's excellent solar resources make solar power a viable and highly cost-competitive energy solution that can help the country move towards energy independence."

Last week Suntech also released two modules for the US, Canadian and Latin American markets: the 245W HiPerforma multicrystalline module for residential, commercial and utility scale installations and the 290W Vd Series specifically for utility scale application.