A multi-million euro investment is being made by China-based start-up, Nanjing Sunport Power Co. Ltd., in purchasing a complete, back-contact PV module assembly lines from Dutch manufacturer, Eurotron.

Eurotron said that the start-up, established in November, 2012 required a next generation production line capable of handling a range of back-contact cell-to-module technologies such as MWT, EWT, HJBC and IBC for both multi and mono P-type and N-type wafers.

According to Bram Verschoor, COO of Eurotron, “Sunport Power company came up with extensive list of requirements to meet for this new production facility. The investment had to meet not only the nowadays needs in PV module production, but especially needed to offer a stable technology development and growth path towards the future.”

Various back-contact solar cell-to-module technologies offer the potential to utilise ultra-thin wafers in the range of 120 ųm thickness and lower cell-to-module losses that reduce costs and boost conversion efficiencies, amongst other manufacturing cost benefits.

Eurotron recently received a production line order from a start-up in Qatar and its back-contact equipment was developed in collaboration with Dutch R&D centre, ECN.

Several leading China-based module manufacturers have licensed ECN’s MWT technology such as Canadian Solar and Yingli Green.

China-based PV manufacturers have also been instructed by government authorities that to operate in the sector in the future, only companies able to achieve high conversion efficiencies will be allowed to operate in an attempt to reduce overcapacity and the use of older technology and equipment.

The company did not disclose delivery times or whether the line would be fully or semi-automated.