Trina Solar advised that ICIM, an independent Italian institute, has certified its multicrystalline solar modules, manufactured with European-sourced silicon wafers, as fulfilling GSE requirements and therefore eligible for a 10% FiT premium in Italy.

Certified Trina products include TSM-PC05, TSM-PC05.08, TSM-PC05.10, TSM-PC05.15, TSM-PC05.18 and TSM-PC14. The ICIM certification process included the inspection of two Trina factories and two tests of the final products with ICIM auditors checking the production of Trina’s silicon wafer supplies in Europe and its production of modules with European-made silicon wafers. All of the certified products received Product Certification by ICIM, stating that they have been tested according to CEI/EN 61213 and CEI/EN 61730.

"We are very pleased to announce that we have successfully passed all inspections and we have received the certificate from ICIM," said Ben Hill, head of Trina Solar Europe. "Trina Solar is a global leading solar company offering high quality products with an industry-leading warranty. Customers buying our modules benefit from a combination of superior product quality, top warranty and highly attractive yield."