Wirsol opened a new office in Sydney in May. Credit: Wirsol

Wirsol opened a new office in Sydney in May. Credit: Wirsol

The Australian arm of Wirsol Energy, subsidiary of Germany-based Wircon group, has acquired a 110MW solar PV plant in Australia, which is set to start construction in Q4 this year.

The Wemen Sun Farm in Victoria, near to Mildura, will occupy an area of around 312 hectares.

Mark Hogan, managing director of Wirsol Energy, said: “By the end of the year we will have five solar parks in construction in Queensland and Victoria with a total solar generation capacity of circa 400MW. All are scheduled to be connected to the grid by mid-2018. We have already secured for Wirsol additional projects totalling circa 670MW, with the aim of reaching our target-providing 1GW peak of solar energy by 2020."

“The Australian market plays an exceedingly important role for our international growth strategy. So we will be realising this project speedily, while also aiming to take advantage of further development opportunities,” said Wirsol managing director Dr. Peter Vest.

Back in July, Wirsol partnered Australian developer Renew Estate to develop the  1GW pipeline of solar PV capacity that it described as storage-ready.

The firm also opened a new office in Sydney in May.

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