XsunX advised that it expects to complete the assembly of its CIGSolar thin-film PV cell evaporation system this month. The company employed a fast-track completion schedule in order to accelerate its technology demonstration and marketing efforts. This summer, XsunX  received equity financing through Ironridge Energy, which allowed it to focus on building a demonstration of the CIGSolar thin-film PV cell evaporation system while simultaneously forming technology marketing operations in its new Irvin, California, facility.

"The last few months have been a busy and exciting time for XsunX. We have been anxious to launch the start-up, testing, and calibration of our patent pending CIGSolar technology so that we can begin customer demonstrations as quickly as possible," said Tom Djokovich, CEO of XsunX, Inc. "The industry's obvious need and the focus of our CIGSolar TFPV cell evaporation technology, is to provide cost reductions and an opportunity to restore operating margins for manufacturers. How to achieve these goals has been an elusive challenge for the industry, but we believe that CIGSolar's new approach is the right solution to this challenge."