The “gradual decrease” in debt and cash from its nascent downstream business will be at the heart of Yingli’s long-term future, the company’s CFO has told PV Tech.

Ahead of a conference call for analysts scheduled for this afternoon, Yiyu Wang said press reports on the module maker’s delayed annual report, which identified “serious doubt to continue as a going concern”, had triggered an overcorrection in the share price.

Yingli closed 12% down on Monday and was 36% down at one stage during trading. Shares fell under a dollar on Tuesday. Wang dismissed the reported scale of the problem insisting that the company’s listed status compels it to report risks and that these should not be read as forecasts.

“I'm not talking about the media,” he said. “Journalists have the right to interpret what they read. We only clarify when we see that the market reaction is too much. I can't influence what people read, my job is to tell people what we do want to say.”

Asked what options were available to the manufacturer to tackle its large debt repayments, Wang said declined to give specifics but insisted longer term prospects were good.

“Our company is paying back its debts year by year and the level of our debts will gradually decrease. That means our interest rate expenses will decrease year by year. On the other side we are moving into [the] downstream [market] and will see more margin contribution, and we have cashed out some of our assets that we didn’t use for manufacturing.”

The company met a repayment deadline set for 3 May after selling land rights and expects another windfall from the transaction once the local government sells the plot to developers.

With a 1.6GW project pipeline, the company can expect a boost in cashflow, Wang said. Asked whether the company could support new debt to pay its mid term debt, Wang was bullish.

“Of course we are confident. I think in 2013 we proved we don't have any default issues and at that time the market was even worse. In 2014 we proved it again and we started to recover. In 2015 we will definitely recover further and that is why we are confident,” he said.

In a separate press statement sent out this morning, Yingli said statements in last week's report had been "interpreted out of context" and that it was "optimistic" about its future.

Liansheng Miao, Yingli's chairman and chief executive, said: "While we still have another series of medium term notes in the principal amount of RMB1.0 billion due on October 13, 2015, we believe that we will meet our repayment obligations based on the substantial progress we have achieved to date to secure funds to repay these notes on schedule."