Yingli Green Energy says it has completed most of its polysilicon and silane production trials at its in-house polysilicon manufacturing facility, Fine Silicon. The company's plans remain on track to achieve fully integrated polysilicon production at the 3000MT capacity plant by mid-2010.

As previously announced, Fine Silicon successfully commenced the three steps of trial production--which consist of silane production, trial operation of the CVD reactor, and associated process steps--and reached certain key technology and operating milestones in December 2009. Yingli said it has completed approximately 75% of the trials for the polysilicon production process, including successful trial operation of the reactor, and nearly half of the trials for the silane production process.

Based on these milestones, the company stated that it remains confident in the original trial production schedule for Fine Silicon, with the target of achieving fully integrated polysilicon production in the middle of this year.

The Company also confirmed that it has no near-term plans to further expand its polysilicon manufacturing capacity beyond 3000MT while it focuses on finishing the Fine Silicon trial production.

"We are very excited to have reached these significant technical milestones," said Yuehe Zhang, GM of Fine Silicon. "With advanced monosilane-based polysilicon manufacturing technology, we believe it is reasonable to spend about six months on the three main steps of trial production."

"The successful trial operation of our CVD reactor proves the significant electricity-saving advantages of the technology we have adopted for Fine Silicon," he continued. "We look forward to polysilicon production cost declining gradually as a result of continued utilization-rate improvement."