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Floatovoltaics (Floating Solar) – the state of play and technical challenges

May 29, 2019

This webinar was presented by Mr. Philip Napier-Moore, Renewables Programme Leader, Asia Pacific of Mott MacDonald Ltd Key points: - Floating solar is now becoming a mainstream option for developers - Costs are falling and installations becoming ever larger - Technical challenges differ from ground-mounted plants, and require special attention Five key questions that will be addressed by the webinar: - What key milestones has the floating solar industry now reached? - What new opportunities does this progress unlock? - How can we design against natural hazards affecting floating projects? - What additional PV module quality requirements apply? - What other risks and considerations do you need to considered?

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Ultra-high performance panels in the utility scale projects in the European markets – the importance of durability, reliability and innovation in reducing the LCOE and maximizing the IRR

May 13, 2019

Presented by Andrea Viaro, Head of Technical Service Europe from Jinko Solar, the initiative partner of this webinar, as he outlines the key features and benefits of using ultra high performance modules. Viaro discusses how Jinko Solar’s new technology innovations impact the LCOE and IRR of the PV utility-scale power plants. Viaro is joined by Athanasios Bakalis, Group Technical Director and Nikos Sokos, General Manager MEA and Central Asia of METKA EGN, who presents a currently announced 300MW project in Spain, that will be fully powered by Jinko’s Cheetah modules and will deliberate potential cost benefits and risk assessment of the utility scale projects and what drove METKA EGN to choose Jinko’s ultra-high efficiency modules. Ruben Ron Head of Section Solar Iberia and LATAM for DNV GL, also joined the webinar to discuss an impact of the reliability and bankability of solar panels and how world-class best practices in manufacturing and upholding stringent quality standards, coupled with the use of field-proven components can help protect solar investments?

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Minimizing LCOE and maximizing IRR with Jinko Solar new Cheetah series

Oct 11, 2018

Driven by the rapid industry transformation, continuous technology evolution and increasingly complex market demands of the solar landscape in recent years, JinkoSolar has utilized its technical leadership to create cutting-edge technologies of tomorrow. Presented for the first time during SNEC 2018 in Shanghai, JinkoSolar Cheetah module is commercially mass-produced monofacial module, bringing the industry into the new age of PV 4.0. Cheetah series has created a new benchmark for ultra-high performing modules with its industry leading performance in metrics such as output, limited degradation, shade tolerance, and durability.

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1.5 axis PV tracking for lower LCOE & to open new applications

Sep 17, 2018

This webinar includes the following content: What makes HeliosLite's 1.5 axis PV tracker unique | How it improves profitability for developers and installers | What markets does it open to tracking solutions

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Bi-facial PV modules: Technology, application and field data

Jun 15, 2018

This webinar includes the following content: Bi-facial technology and advantages, Field data, Presentation of the optimized installation methods, Applications: calculation of the yield benefit for different environmental conditions and installation types and Introduction to JA Solar company and bifacial products

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Levelized Cost of Electricity of PV- Large Scale Plants with JinkoModules Technologies

May 30, 2018

The present study analyses the levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) of PV utility-scale power plants in the first quarter of 2018. It compares different Jinko modules technologies and shows their future developments till 2020 based on technology and market scenarios.

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Enhancing quality control in PV Cell production by implementing industry 4.0 design features

Mar 13, 2018

The Industry 4.0 principles of distributed continuous data collection and big data analysis are taking hold in China in the context of the Made in China 2025 plan. This webinar looked at how Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) can be applied to quality control. 

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The Quality Guide: How to understand the real value of solar modules and their components

Dec 04, 2017

This webinar provides you with better insight into the components of solar PV panels like backsheet and connectors and how these affect the efficiency of modules and therefore the return of investment (ROI). Andrea Viaro from JinkoSolar introduces the newest technology developments, Olivier Haldi from Stabuli Electrical Connectors will explain why connectors and cabling really matter, and Lucie Garreau-Iles from DuPont will show you how to make the right choices, based on real field data.

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Solar PV Technology & Manufacturing Landscape in 2017

Nov 11, 2016

With the solar PV industry currently going through an abrupt overcapacity cycle, and component prices fluctuating rapidly as a consequence, understanding exactly what this means for capacity utilization, expansions, upgrades and advanced technology market-share gains, is critical.

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Financing the Future of Solar PV - Trina Solar

Sep 08, 2016

This webinar will be hosted by: Richard Rushin from Trina Solar, James Adams from Alexa Capital, Finlay Colville from Solar Media. Liam Stoker from Solar Media will be chairing the event. The content has been designed to educate and provide insight into the different financial models utilised by installers currently active in the commercial rooftop market. Finlay Colville will provide a market update, while James Adams will discuss some of the financial models available for commercial rooftop installations and how they can be suited to the requirements of different customers.

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Grid-Interactive energy storage systems

May 09, 2016

This webinar covers opportunities in: energy storage systems for utility applications, energy storage for renewable facilities, real MW-scale energy storage projects in the USA and Europe, development and results, MW-scale Li-ion batteries, frequency regulation, ancillary services/grid support, VAR support, grid-interactive energy storage systems, impact of energy storage in USA and UK markets.

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How to make commercial PV work in a subsidy free world - Showing the return on investment

May 09, 2016

Topics covered include commercial rooftops around the world, what we know from other markets and implementation with different drivers and financial models.

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