Product Outline

By launching a novel all-in-one tool for the final testing of photovoltaic modules, innovative PV testing technology company Endeas has provided an answer for companies wishing to drive down module manufacturing costs. The QuickSun 600 is the first product to include, in a single machine, class A+A+A+ solar simulator; electroluminescence and visual inspection; and insulation resistance, ground bond and bypass diode tests. Despite this impressive collection of tests, a single tool can process 150 modules per hour, allowing it to meet the ever-increasing throughput requirements of new production lines. It is suitable for the majority of the latest module technologies, including PERC, IBC, HJT and bifacial modules.


Competition between leading photovoltaic module manufacturers has forced them to find ways to lower manufacturing costs continually, while introducing technologies that improve the efficiency of modules...

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Tags: c-si manufacturing, module testing