Enecsys has introduced its second generation microinverter platform, including a new communications gateway and online monitoring service. The microinverter technology is said to power scale up to 300W AC enabling the use of many high powered 60-cell modules, providing maximum energy harvest in the smallest footprint.


System owners, integrators, installers and financiers backing third-party owned systems need to place a premium on the ability to maximise energy harvest to provide sufficient return on investment (ROI).


The Enecsys second generation microinverter is claimed to dramatically boost energy harvest through a combination of improved efficiency and increased maximum output power ability; yielding up to a claimed 33% improvement in maximum power output over the prior Enecsys offering. This is offered in two distinct packages: one specifically designed to respond to integration opportunities across a wide range of panel manufacturers who offer integrated AC modules as well as a traditional rack mount version enabling custom installer configurations. It is also redesigned in a new patented form factor with an integrated mounting method, making it better suited for integration by OEM partners into AC module product families.


It can power scale up to 300W AC enabling the use of many high powered 60-cell modules and integrate into many AC module product families.


The Enecsys second generation microinverter is currently offered in single versions in increments from 240W up to 300W maximum AC output, with a microinverter industry-leading peak efficiency of 96.5%. A simplified cabling solution enables improved installer productivity with faster and thus lower cost installations. Enecsys Gateway offers field configurability and upgradability along with the Enecsys Monitoring System that allows system owners and installers the ability to monitor energy production on a panel-by-panel basis in real time and proactively and precisely address any maintenance issues.


April 2013 onwards.