infiswift, an enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) platform provider has launched ‘swiftPV’, a software suite that leverages IoT technology to change how the solar industry uses data to optimize the performance of PV systems. The suite of products and services allows PV power plant owners and operators to connect diverse PV assets and distill insights from the data, ultimately increasing solar plant performance.


Solar owners and operators currently rely on third-party monitoring and SCADA systems to provide data on the operation and performance of plants, but these systems are very costly, inflexible and limit data access. Connecting several different inverter brands, a weather forecast feed and grid pricing in one place and presenting it in an accessible, usable way is a challenge that hasn't been properly solved.


The swiftPV suite of products and services includes 'blocks' that can be used to build a solution -- each customer selects what's right for them. The hybrid IoT architecture makes this approach to performance solutions unique and ensures we're delivering a truly interoperable infrastructure that will serve OEMs, operators and other stakeholders into the future. SwiftPV can connect any device from any manufacturer, bring in third party data feeds and perform analyses before ever reaching the cloud, allowing customers to centralize data for a full PV portfolio


PV power plant O&M services.


The current swiftPV blocks include ‘Data ingest’, which is a core block built on the infiswift IoT platform, which connects and manages all field devices and cloud feeds regardless of vendor. This scalable platform ensures data is properly routed from origination to destination in near real-time. By using the data ingest, apps, reports and historian blocks from swiftPV, the owner-operator can visualize and access data in a central location from multiple inverter vendors and make significant operational improvements that boost ROI.


Currently available.

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