Ecoprogetti’s triple class A sun simulator ‘ECOSUN 10L’ represents a new generation of sun simulator which employs LED’s as the light source for greater comparison with real world conditions.


Conventional Xenon lamp-based sun simulators do not adequately cover the full spectral range from 365 - 1080nm, limiting the conditions a PV module will experience in the field. Long life time and low power consumption requirements have also restricted Xenon lamp-based systems ability to reduce CoO.


The ECOSUN 10L can extend the impulse duration to more than 7 seconds, a feature that excludes the phenomenon of capacitive effects. The unit is also usable on next generation high efficiency cells, low-loss junction boxes as MOSFET and modules with microinverters. A stable, repeatable and constant pulse allows to measure in a very repeatable and reliable way the power of a module with a repeatability error of less than 0.2 % on more than 100 measurements, according to the company.  Another benefit of using LED’s is the long lifetime which can be expressed in 30 millions of tests compared to 50 thousand flashes of a Xenon lamp of sophisticated level.


Triple A class for testing of PV modules, including crystalline, thin film and back contact solar cell modules.


The simulator’s very compact footprint of 4,6 m² and its work height of 1000 mm makes it suitable for an inline production and for factories and laboratories with limited space. TϋV Intercert performed an in-depth control before characterizing the unit and releasing the certificate of triple class A.  


Currently available.