Status: Under Construction

Size: 210kW

Conergy has started to build a 210kW solar plant in the desert area of Ben Guardane in Medenine, in Tunisia after it was awarded the contract from Japanese general contractor Takaoka Engineering Co.

The project is a non-refundable donation to Tunisia from the Japanese government. Under this term, Conergy will be the sub-contractor of the Takaoka Engineering Co, while the Italian and French Conergy branches will cooperate to provide supplies for this plant.

Located on a 4,000 square metre site, the plant will be used to generate electricity for a groundwater desalination system. It will be equipped with 900 Conergy PowerPlus modules on Conergy SolarLinea mounting systems, 15 Conergy IPG T inverters and will generate around 352MWh of electricity annually.

It is expected to generate around 352MWh of electricity annually to cover 70% of the desalination plants energy needs. The project will not receive support from government subsidies or feed-in tariff benefits.

Sonete, the local water supplier and plant operator, will utilise the generated solar electricity to supply potable water to the local population, equal to 1.8 million litres of drinking water daily.

The project is expected to complete and connect to the grid in March 2013.